Never Had a Smart Themostat? Consider These Top Brands.

Never Had a Smart Themostat? Consider These Top Brands.

smart thermostats brands

Having a smart thermostat means you have better control over the temperature in your Peachtree City home. These thermostats make it easy for you to reduce energy usage while also keeping your home comfortable in all seasons. These are some of the top brands to consider when you’re looking into smart thermostats.


Ecobee makes thermostats that are able to learn your daily habits in terms of your heating and cooling needs. These thermostats then raise or lower your temperature settings as needed throughout the day. Ecobee thermostats have sensors that detect movement, which helps them determine when to adjust the settings for a comfortable interior. Some models also have voice control.

Honeywell (Resideo) Home

Honeywell Home thermostats are currently rebranding so you may see their new name Resideo on marketing literature and they are available in several models. Some of these come with smart features, such as vacation scheduling and the ability to override scheduling. These thermostats also learn about your daily cooling and heating habits so they can figure out when to adjust settings. You can even find Honeywell Home models with an adapter that allows you to set them up with older HVAC systems.

Google Nest

Google Nest thermostats provide convenient ways to ensure that your home stays as warm or as cool as needed. These thermostats have several smart features, including occupancy sensors that adjust the setting depending on whether a room is empty or occupied. Nest thermostats also have geofencing that adjust temperature settings when you’re home and when you leave, so you don’t have to remember to raise or lower them.  The only drawback with these thermostats is that they do not allow multistage/variable drive units to properly ramp which can reduces your operational energy efficiency.

If you need more help with smart thermostats for your Peachtree City home, please contact Powers Heating & Air today.

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