Cleaning Your Attic Can Also Help Your HVAC Run Efficiently

Cleaning Your Attic Can Also Help Your HVAC Run Efficiently

Cluttered attic? If it’s out of sight, it’s also perhaps out of mind, but it shouldn’t be. There are a number of reasons why a clean attic is desirable. For instance, a clean attic …

  • Lessens the risk of fire.
  • Discourages pests.
  • Promotes cooler, drier conditions for storage.

Also, clutter can impede workers who need access to pipes, electric wiring, and the HVAC system.

There are other reasons why a clean attic is beneficial, but let’s focus on how clearing the clutter can help your HVAC system run more efficiently.

A Clean Attic Promotes HVAC Efficiency

Your attic is a key site for improving the overall efficiency of your home. If your HVAC ductwork runs through the attic, for instance, it should be checked for holes and disconnected segments. Compromised ductwork allows conditioned air to escape and unconditioned air to enter the air supply. Your HVAC system will have to work harder to cool or heat the air, and it may also struggle to remove humidity from the outdoors.

Make sure you have a clean attic, with boxes and other stored items stacked and arranged so that your HVAC tech can easily access the ductwork and repair it if need be. Keeping the mess under control in the attic is also helpful when you add insulation to your attic.

You know warm air rises and enters the attic. In the winter, insulation on the attic floor can prevent heat loss. Adding insulation or a radiant heat barrier, in addition to sealing air leaks (look for dirty places in the insulation and you’ll usually find an air leak), will help keep the attic cooler during the summer by preventing the migration of heat into the attic from the outdoors.

Start Cleaning

To start your clean-attic project, get rid of all those things you haven’t used in a long time. Donate, recycle, or dispose of unwanted items. Then organize the remainder neatly. Place plywood over joists so workers can walk around the attic.

For more tips about organizing a clean attic effort so your HVAC works more efficiently, contact Powers Heating and Air of Peachtree City.

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