Is Your Home’s HVAC Unit Working? Here’s How to Know.

Is Your Home’s HVAC Unit Working? Here’s How to Know.

There are so many benefits of a well-running HVAC system. Greater home comfort is an obvious benefit. Good indoor air quality and energy efficiency are two more important perks. To fully enjoy these benefits, your HVAC unit needs to operate in top condition. What follows are signs that your unit isn’t operating at optimal efficiency and could use a little TLC to get your HVAC working well.

Noises That Signal Problems

Forced-air HVAC systems are comprised of a heating unit, a cooling unit, ductwork, and perhaps other whole-home add-on systems. One of the ways that you can know if the HVAC isn’t working as it should are if you routinely hear unusual noises, such as:

  • Metal scraping, grinding, or screeching: Any of these noises often signal a problem with the blower motor that turns the fan. This is a serious problem. Turn off the HVAC and contact your HVAC contractor for a repair to get your HVAC working again.
  • Rattling and clamoring: If you hear these unusual noises from the air-supply vents, you probably have loose ductwork. You can try to seal loose duct connections with mastic paste and metal duct tape. Or, for best results, contact your contractor to get your HVAC working again.
  • Booming or banging: These noises could come from two different sources. Booming or banging sounds could come from ductwork that is expanding and contracting due to temperature changes. This is normal. However, booming and banging noises also could signal a gas accumulation in the furnace. This is a serious problem that could eventually crack the heat exchanger.

Airflow Problems

HVAC systems require ample airflow to operate at top condition. One problem that indicates your HVAC isn’t working properly is low airflow. This problem is often the result of an air filter being clogged with debris and dirt. Be sure to change the filter as needed.

A second airflow issue that signals your HVAC isn’t working at top condition is unbalanced airflow. Unbalanced airflow means that air supply is weaker at some vents than others. Your HVAC technician can tell you if this is a design issue or if ducts are separated.

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