Don’t Depend on DIY HVAC Maintenance Throughout Your Home

Don’t Depend on DIY HVAC Maintenance Throughout Your Home

Your HVAC system is having problems, but the repairs seem minor. No need to call a professional. You’re pretty handy. You can perform basic DIY HVAC maintenance, right? Unless you’re trained and certified in HVAC repair, the answer is no. Here are three reasons why DIY HVAC maintenance is not worth the trouble.

1. Experience

HVAC repair isn’t something you can learn from tinkering on your own. HVAC technicians require special training and NATE certification to understand the inner workings of your system and keep it running properly and safely. Performing a DIY HVAC job without that training or certification is a dangerous proposition that risks injury or even death if you make a mistake.

2. Equipment

You may know your way around a toolbox, but HVAC repair is different. It requires special tools beyond your typical hammer, screwdriver, and wrench. Do you have an airflow meter to measure the air levels throughout your system? Do you have a manifold gauge to measure refrigerant levels? How about a vacuum pump to remove excess air and water vapor from the system during repairs? These are just a few of the specialized tools that make DIY HVAC repair inadvisable.

3. Expense

The main reason people attempt DIY HVAC repairs is to save money. However, it rarely works out that way. Meddling with your system without knowing what you’re doing is likely to make the problem worse. In the end, you’ll just have to call your HVAC technician anyway to set things right, and your DIY adventure will ultimately cost far more to undo than it would have if you’d just called the pros in the first place.

A better way to save money is by having a service agreement. Annual maintenance and run-of-the-mill technician visits are covered under an annual fee, and more extensive repairs are generally discounted. It’s a much smarter and more reliable way of keeping your HVAC system in good repair than any DIY efforts.

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