Do You Need an AC Refrigerant Line Repair in Your Home?

Do You Need an AC Refrigerant Line Repair in Your Home?

Certain issues in your home air conditioning system could be signs that AC refrigerant line repair is needed. Refrigerant is the chemical lifeblood of air conditioning.  A central air-conditioning system continuously circulates refrigerant between the indoor evaporator coil and the outdoor condenser coil through insulated copper tubing. These lines are exposed to the elements and, over time, may incur deterioration or physical damage that causes refrigerant  leaks.

Signs that a professionally done AC refrigerant line repair may be needed range from subtle to severe:

  • Declining cooling performance.
  • Longer AC cycles to maintain thermostat settings.
  • Higher monthly operating costs.
  • Increased wear and tear on system components.
  • Permanent damage to the system compressor.

Why Is Leakage Happening?

A frequent need to “top off” the AC refrigerant charge in order to restore proper function should be a red flag: A fully functional air conditioner does not consume refrigerant in normal use. If the refrigerant charge is low, leakage somewhere is usually the reason. Here are some typical examples that require AC refrigerant line repair:

  • Pinhole leaks in the refrigerant line.
  • Loosened joints at fittings.
  • Physical damage caused by incidents such as a lawnmower or edger cutting the refrigerant line, or stresses that pull the line loose.

Professional AC Refrigerant Line Repair

A qualified, experienced HVAC contractor has the specialized technology required to locate leaks and then make the necessary repairs.

  • Fluorescent dye injected into the refrigerant flow makes the location of leaks in refrigerant lines show up when viewed with a detection light.
  • An electronic detection unit incorporates sensitive sensors that “sniff”  refrigerant lines and other components to detect leakage.
  • Where leakage originates at a loose joint between tubing segments or at a connection to the unit, AC refrigerant line repair may be as simple as tightening the joint.
  • If a pinhole leak is detected, the small hole may be sealed by soldering.
  • Where physical damage has occurred such as cutting or kinking, the affected line may need to be replaced.

For a complete inspection, as well as experienced AC refrigerant line repair if it’s needed, contact the professionals at Powers Heating & Air.

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