Learn How HVAC Zone Control Will Help Your Comfort Level

Learn How HVAC Zone Control Will Help Your Comfort Level

Your HVAC system is key to keeping your home a comfortable place to live. However, during the hottest and coldest parts of the year, your energy use and related expenses noticeably climb. Balancing comfort with an increasingly high electric bill can be a challenge. Luckily, tools such as an HVAC zone control system can help.

An HVAC zone control system involves setting up multiple thermostats in your home, which will divide different rooms and parts of your home into zones. Each zone has its own temperature settings, which allow for more precise home-temperature control.

How HVAC Zone Control Saves You Money

  • Reduces HVAC Overuse. By having zone controls, your HVAC isn’t always trying to heat or cool your entire house. You can adjust the individual thermostat settings so only certain rooms are heated or cooled as needed, reducing HVAC use.
  • Removes Unused Rooms. By having different zones, you can remove the need to heat or cool rooms that don’t get a lot of use or are not used at all. For example, with zones, you can set an unoccupied upstairs bedroom to a higher temperature, which means you won’t waste energy cooling this unused room.
  • Individual Comfort Levels.  Zoning controls also allow individuals to set their own comfort temperature by zones keeping everyone comfortable at slightly different temperatures.  With zones one bedroom like an infant’s room may be set to a different nightime temperature than the master bedroom keeping everyone comfortable at different temperatures.
  • Greater Energy Efficiency. Finally, by having each zone set to exact temperatures, you have far greater control over how your HVAC system is used. This creates a system that is far more energy-efficient because it doesn’t have to run as much or as long. You also avoid situations where the first floor ends up too cold because you are trying to cool the second floor.

When You Need an HVAC Zone Control Expert

At Powers Heating & Air, we help homeowners in the Peachtree City area with all their HVAC needs. If you’re looking for a more efficient way to control your home’s temperature, we can help. We can assist with an HVAC zone control system that fits your exact needs. We look forward to hearing from you and invite you to contact us today.

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