Why These Little-Known Summer HVAC Tips Are Especially Handy

Why These Little-Known Summer HVAC Tips Are Especially Handy

Summers are long, hot, and humid in the Fayette, Peachtree City and Newnan area, and that means you need your air conditioner to run reliably and at its peak efficiency so your energy bills aren’t out of sight. The following summer HVAC tips should help you achieve these goals.

Summer HVAC Tips 

  1. Change Your HVAC Filter Often.
    This is the most important of the summer HVAC tips — and all year long, for that matter. Whether you use an inexpensive 30-day filter or a more substantial three-month filter, change it as recommended. A dirty filter will impede airflow and prevent your air conditioner from cooling efficiently. It will also adversely affect your indoor air quality. If you use a permanent filter, wash it as recommended so that it will function properly. 
  2. Use Ceiling Fans.
    Ceiling fans pull up warm air and help push down the cool air from your central air conditioner to the level of your home’s occupants. Clean them along the edges, as dirt will cause them to drag. With ceiling fans to stir up the cool air in your home, you’ll be able to run the air conditioner at a more efficient setting so you can save money. 
  3. Seal Up Leaks.
    New home construction is generally fairly tight as far as air leaks go, but over time, your home will develop minute cracks that will leak your conditioned air to the outdoors and allow unconditioned air to get inside. Go around the house — particularly the windows, baseboards, doors, recessed lighting, electric light plates, and any place where cables, pipes, or wires enter an exterior wall from the outdoors — sealing leaks with insulation, caulk, and weatherstripping.  
  4. Cover Windows.
    Keep solar radiation out of the home and cut down on energy use by covering up windows during the daytime. Close blinds, curtains, and window shades, and keep sunlight out. 
  5. Schedule Preventative Maintenance.
    Schedule preventative maintenance in the spring or summer to have your air conditioner inspected. Your HVAC tech can alert you if parts are wearing out and are likely to fail. You could avoid total equipment failure that will leave you without AC when you need it most.

Contact Powers Heating and Air of Peachtree City for more summer HVAC tips. 

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