If You Find Your Furnace Pilot Light Out, Here’s What to Do

If You Find Your Furnace Pilot Light Out, Here’s What to Do

If your home has a furnace for your heating needs, the pilot light going out is a common issue. If you discover your furnace pilot light out, there can be several reasons this has happened. If it keeps going out after being relit, you could have an issue that requires professional repair and servicing. 

Furnace Pilot Light Out: Three Common Causes

  1. Issues with Your Furnace’s Thermocouple. The thermocouple is found in gas furnaces, and if it is damaged or malfunctioning, it can cause your pilot light to go out. This is because the thermocouple detects when the pilot light is ignited and keeps the gas line open. Issues with the thermocouple can cause it to close the gas line and cause the pilot light to go out due to a lack of fuel. 
  2. Drafts or Leaks Putting Your Furnace Pilot Light Out. Air getting into your furnace can simply blow the pilot light out. A duct or air leak can cause air to blow into your furnace on days or nights when it’s windy, causing the light to go out. A professional can check your furnace venting for any problems.
  3. Dirt Collecting Around the Pilot Light. Furnaces can build up dirt and debris over time, causing performance issues. A common area where dirt and debris can gather, putting your furnace pilot light out, is the intake valve. When the intake valve is blocked, it can reduce airflow, dropping the oxygen levels below the level needed to keep the furnace pilot light lit.

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