Should You Have a Winter Humidifier Inside Your Home?

Should You Have a Winter Humidifier Inside Your Home?

Running your furnace in winter is great for home comfort. However, it also has its drawbacks. Heating your air dries it out, which leads to a variety of problems, including poor indoor air quality (IAQ) and illness. If you’re worried about your health and IAQ this season, consider investing in a winter humidifier. Here are some of the benefits.

Dangers of Low Humidity

When humidity drops below a certain level, it fosters dust and other contaminants. If your home has allergy or asthma sufferers, the dry air can exacerbate their symptoms. It also leads to dry lips, sore throats, cracked skin, and more.

The dry air is also a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. That’s why winter is cold and flu season. Particularly as we continue dealing with the pandemic, humidity control is an important tool for keeping your home’s air healthy and breathable.

Finally, low humidity can damage your home. Wood floors and furniture can crack as they dry out. Certain types of upholstery can become damaged. Even your doors and door frames can change size to the point where they don’t close properly anymore. For this and myriad other reasons, it’s essential to be able to control your home’s humidity.

Benefits of a Winter Humidifier

A whole home winter humidifier lets you set your home’s ideal humidity level. A small device will then add moisture to the air as needed, before it’s circulated through your house. This way, you can keep your humidity at safe levels, between 30% and 50%. Balanced humidity improves your IAQ and keeps you healthier.

Controlling your humidity can also help you save energy. By setting your humidistat a little higher, you can make the air feel warmer than it is. This way, you can turn your thermostat down without any reduction in comfort.

The improvement in IAQ is also good for your furnace. Reducing the amount of contaminants in the air helps your filter last longer and allows the system to run more efficiently.

For help finding the best winter humidifier for your home, contact us at Powers Heating & Air. Peachtree City’s home-comfort needs are our top priority.

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