Do You Know the HVAC Replacement Signs to Look For?

Do You Know the HVAC Replacement Signs to Look For?

HVAC units can last for many years if they’re well maintained. However, even the best units need replacing at some point. In general, the average HVAC unit lasts 10 years, and if your unit is nearing its life expectancy, it could be reaching the end of its useful life span. There are specific HVAC replacement signs, and if your unit shows any of the HVAC replacement signs discussed here, you should reach out to a professional as soon as possible.

Four HVAC Replacement Signs

  1. Increased Repair Frequency. While repairs are a part of HVAC ownership, an increased frequency of repairs can be a sign your HVAC unit is failing. If you are having to make repairs every few months, replacing the entire unit could make better economic sense.
  2. Increased Electric Bills. While seasonal changes in your heating and cooling costs are common, your utility expenses should not suddenly increase without warning or explanation. If your costs have increased but your HVAC use has not, this is a sign that the efficiency of the HVAC unit is falling. A professional can tell you if this is a sign of a failing unit. 
  3. Reduced Performance. Be sure to look for any decreases in your HVAC system’s overall performance. These issues can include an overall reduction in airflow, no airflow at all, strange odors, the AC unit blowing hot air despite being set to cold, or it constantly running, among other problems.
  4. Strange Noises. Unusual noises can be a sign of mechanical issues with your HVAC system. These include clicking noises, bangs, metal squealing, gurgling noises, and hissing. If you hear anything unusual or out of place, reach out to a repair specialist.

When You Need Expert HVAC Installation

At Powers Heating & Air, we ‘ve been assisting residents of Peachtree City and nearby communities with all their HVAC needs for more than 20 years, and we know that we can help you. Whether you need repairs, common maintenance, or you see full HVAC replacement signs, we provide the level of service and customer care you’ve come to expect. Contact us today to learn more.

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