Which Is Healthier Air Inside Your Home: Hot or Cold?

Which Is Healthier Air Inside Your Home: Hot or Cold?

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In the Peachtree City area, weather conditions can range from hot and sticky to warm, sunny, and beautiful, right on down to frigid temperatures that can cause problematic dry skin. Yes, it’s true that the weather — the air we feel and breathe — impacts our health in relation to quality of sleep, appetite, emotional state, and even the transmission of unwanted germs and viruses. So, if you’re curious about which is the healthier air — hot air or cold air — the answers may surprise you.

Sleep Quality

Good rest and sleep are important for a healthy and happy body. Poor sleeping habits have been linked to kidney disease, impaired cognitive function, and a host of other health problems. More studies on sleep have shown that the ideal room temperature to fall asleep and stay asleep is between 60 and 67 degrees. As HVAC specialists on home comfort, we know that those numbers are also ideal to save on your heating bill.

Fat Burn

Studies have shown that during colder temperatures, the human body activates fat-cell burn in order to help regulate body temperature and stay warm. On the other hand, warmer temperatures compel outdoor, calorie-burning activities. It could be a toss-up as to which is healthier air when you consider that shivering for 15 minutes burns about the same amount of calories as one hour of exercise.

Considering Feelings

The winter doldrums, caused in part by cold temperatures, is actually a seasonal affective disorder that many people suffer. On the other hand, the human body can produce mood-lifting endorphins when trying to stay warm during cold temperatures. So, the healthier air answer for happier mood seems to be to take a brisk walk on a brisk day.

Virus Transmission

Cold air promotes the proliferation of virus and germ transmission because cold air is generally less humid than warm air. So, higher humidity during the summer creates a “cocoon” of water moisture around viruses, which helps prevent transmission. So, to prevent the spread of germs, humid air is the healthier air.

To maintain comfortable and healthier indoor air quality in your Peachtree City home during any weather, just contact the HVAC pros at Powers Heating & Air.

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