Find Out How Balance Dampers Work for Your HVAC Unit

Find Out How Balance Dampers Work for Your HVAC Unit

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Often, when people have rooms they don’t use much, they’ll close the vents in those rooms so HVAC air doesn’t flow to it. However, closing the vents doesn’t save any energy. What it does do is increase the pressure in your ductwork, which can cause leaks and damage your HVAC system. If you want to adjust the flow of air through your home, you should use balance dampers instead.

What Are Balance Dampers?

Dampers are mechanisms inside your ductwork that control airflow. You can open or close the blades, just like with your vents, and the system will redirect the air accordingly. The difference is, dampers are positioned closer to the HVAC system itself. That way, it doesn’t increase ductwork pressure or damage the unit.

Dampers are commonly used with zoning systems to adjust airflow to different rooms. However, even if you don’t have a zoning system, your HVAC may still be equipped with dampers. Check inside each of your vents. One should have a set of levers for adjusting the vents.

Balance Dampers Vs. Control Dampers

There are actually two different types of dampers for your ductwork, and each serves a separate purpose. Control dampers send air in one direction or another via a set of closeable blades, much like the slats on your registers. They can also be used to mix hot and cold air streams to regulate temperature.

Balance dampers regulate air pressure throughout your home. While control dampers can open and close, balancing dampers can actually adjust the direction the air is flowing. This helps prevent random drafts—or the suction that pulls a door closed when the AC is running. It also helps create a more even temperature throughout your home, eliminating hot or cold spots.

While control dampers can be adjusted, balance dampers are typically fixed once their optimum position has been found. If you notice drafts or temperature and pressure imbalances in your home, call your HVAC technician to readjust them.

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