Do You Know How the Fan Brand You Choose Affects Cooling?

Do You Know How the Fan Brand You Choose Affects Cooling?

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Another hot, Georgia summer is on its way. Meanwhile, energy costs are climbing. If you’re looking to save while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint and staying cool, you’ll want to invest in a fan. Which fan brand will best meet your needs? Here are a few of our favorite fan brands on the market today.

  • Lasko Oscillating Tower Fan. Of good quality and reasonably priced, this oscillating fan comes with a remote and a timer for easy control over how and when it cools you. It also has a nighttime setting, which decreases the fan’s speed and dims its indicator lights to help you stay comfortable as you sleep.
  • Dyson Pure Air. If you’re looking for something state of the art, Dyson is the fan brand for you. It’s on the expensive side, but it’s worth the price for what it brings to the table. Not only is it great at air circulation, a HEPA filter also purifies the air, eliminating allergens and other contaminants. The fan also connects to your Wi-Fi for easy control via your smart device.
  • Woozoo Compact Globe. This small globe fan is great for desks and tabletops. It has five speeds for better comfort control and can oscillate not just back and forth but up and down as well. Equipped with a remote for easy operation, this fan is perfect for keeping you cool at work.
  • Royal Sovereign High Velocity Pedestal Fan. Though designed for commercial use, this fan is affordable enough for your home. Great for air circulation in larger rooms, the height can be adjusted to sit at between 60 and 78 inches. Royal Sovereign is guaranteed to keep you cool even on the hottest of days.
  • Honeywell Quietset. This tower fan was designed to emulate a cool, spring breeze. With eight speeds, it lets you adjust not just the intensity but the noise level, including whisper, white noise, and sleep modes. Programmable settings and a timer for efficient use make this a great fan option for the bedroom.

If you’re looking to stay comfortable and save energy this summer, call Powers Heating & Air to help you select the best fan brand for you and your family. We’re Peachtree City’s trusted source for quality home-comfort solutions.

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