What Top AC Issues Crop Up During the Summer Cooling Season?

What Top AC Issues Crop Up During the Summer Cooling Season?

AC Issues

Are troublesome AC issues awaiting you this summer? One thing’s for certain: AC issues will probably happen at the most inconvenient time, such as a weekend in the middle of a July heat wave.

As with many issues in life, the best approach to AC issues is usually prevention. Becoming familiar with potential air-conditioning issues and then ensuring that preventive steps are taken to avoid problems (or at least make them less likely) is the best strategy for a comfortable and more affordable summer.

Here are some issues that may come up as hot weather comes on:

  • Dirty air filter. A dirty filter strangles AC system airflow, inhibits the cooling process, and increases operating costs. In more extreme cases, it can trigger an automatic system shutdown. Had enough? The answer is simple: During hot weather, change the air filter monthly. You’ll stay cooler, and air-conditioning costs will stay lower.
  • Refrigerant leaks. If the AC refrigerant charge drops below specifications, you’ll know about it pretty immediately. Cooling efficiency of your air conditioner declines rapidly. Eventually, hot air is blowing out of the vents. Other symptoms include higher cooling costs, ice formation on coils, and eventual damage to the AC compressor.  Annual preventive maintenance by a qualified HVAC service technician includes checking the refrigerant charge and, if necessary, tracking down and repairing any leaks.  
  • Condensate overflow. A hard-working central AC condenses many gallons of water daily as part of the cooling process. All that liquid collects in the condensate pan under the indoor air handler, then flows away into a drain pipe — that is, if everything goes right. If a clog forms in the condensate pan or drain line, the pan rapidly overflows. In a short time, water damage may occur to the interior of your house. Algae formation in the drip pan is the most common cause of clogs. Annual professional inspection and cleaning the condensate pan and drain are the best preventive measures.

For positive steps to prevent or resolve AC issues, talk to the cooling pros at Powers Heating & Air.

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