These Climate Friendly AC Units Are Tops in HVAC Equipment

These Climate Friendly AC Units Are Tops in HVAC Equipment

climate friendly AC unit

The average HVAC system consumes far more energy than any other appliance in your home. Therefore, if you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, heating and cooling is the first place to start. How can you reduce energy usage without sacrificing comfort? Here’s what to look for in a climate friendly AC unit.

  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant. Some refrigerants have a major negative impact on the environment. The most egregious, R-22, was phased out a few years ago, but certain older systems may still use it. Currently, the most environmentally friendly traditional refrigerant for your AC is R-410a. However, there are other alternatives in development, designed to have an even lower environmental impact.
  • Variable speed air handler. A typical AC blows air at the same intensity whether the temperature is broiling or just a little warm. A variable-speed air handler can change its speed based on environmental conditions. On milder days, it can deliver a light breeze rather than a full blast of air. This allows you to save energy and cool your home more efficiently with a climate friendly AC unit.
  • Energy Star. Perhaps the simplest way to ensure a more environmentally friendly system is to look for the blue Energy Star logo. This indicates that it’s been proven to save both money and energy over similar models, with comparable features and without sacrificing comfort. An Energy Star certified system will help you reduce your carbon footprint and cool your home with a climate friendly AC unit.

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