Which AC Wattage Is Truly Best for Your Home’s AC Unit?

Which AC Wattage Is Truly Best for Your Home’s AC Unit?

AC Wattage

Your HVAC system is by far the biggest consumer of energy in your home. It’s also essential to get you through the sweltering Georgia summer. Just how many watts of electricity does your AC use, on average? Can you reduce that figure while still keeping your home comfortable? Here’s what you need to know about AC wattage.

AC Kilowatt Hours

A 2,000-square-foot home needs about 3.5 tons of cooling per hour. The average AC uses one kilowatt hour, or 1,000 watts per hour, for every ton of cooling it produces. Therefore, the average home with central air uses around three and a half kilowatt hours of electricity.

A window AC uses less wattage but also covers less space. To cool a room of 400 square feet, a unit will use 500 watts.  A larger unit can cool up to 1,000 square feet for one and a half kilowatt hours. Or for areas of up to 2,000 feet (which can include multiple rooms), a large ductless mini-split uses around two kilowatt hours of electricity.

Reducing AC Wattage

There are a few ways to reduce the amount of AC wattage used. First, on milder days, try running it in “Fan” mode. By running just the fan without the cooling, your system uses only about 750 watts per hour. Air continues to circulate through your home, which helps with comfort, and the windchill factor makes it feel cooler than it is, similar to when you use your ceiling fan.

Another option is a variable-speed air handler. Rather than always running at full blast, it reduces its speed on milder days to a light breeze, keeping you cool for less energy.

When purchasing a new system, it’s also important to look for the blue Energy Star logo. Energy Star systems use less electricity than similar models while providing the same overall comfort and features. They’re certified to save both money and energy while still helping you remain cool and comfortable.

For more help reducing AC wattage and saving energy, contact us at Powers Heating & Air. We keep Peachtree City homes comfortable and efficient throughout the year.

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