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November 10, 2011

Solar: How To Select And Size The System That’s Right For Your Home

There are many factors to consider when selecting and sizing a solar heating system for your home. First, check to make sure that your city laws and homeowners association allow you to install solar. Local covenants may prevent installation altogether, or simply restrict the options for your design. Keep in mind that many people have successfully challenged these covenants. Most solar systems will provide between 40 and 80 percent of a home’s heating needs. Anything less than 40 percent will not be cost effective. Well-planned […]
May 3, 2012

Solar Energy Savings — What It Takes To Get Started

Are you tired of paying more and more each year for heat and electricity? Are you becoming more aware of the hazards of carbon emissions and want to do your part to reduce global warming? Adding solar energy to supplement your home’s heating, cooling and electricity needs has never been easier.  Saving Money With Solar Energy Using abundant, free solar energy in your home is easier than ever, and solar energy savings can quickly add up. An added incentive is […]
July 24, 2012

Solar Attic Fans — How They Work And The Benefits They Provide

The heat that builds up in our attics can reach incredible temperatures — 150 degrees is not unusual in the summer months — which then transfers through the ceilings into our living space. This can be a particular problem for residents in the Peachtree City area, who deal with temperatures above the 70-degree marks for much of the year. That’s why it’s well worth understanding solar attic fans, both how they work and the benefits they provide.  How solar attic fans […]
November 1, 2012

Solar Heating Means Smaller Energy Bills For You

As the costs of fuel and electricity rise, the need for cheaper alternatives grows. If you’re looking for a way to reduce your energy consumption and your utility bills, then solar heating might be an option. You could see a significant reduction in your energy bills, and your carbon footprint, by installing and using a solar system that capitalizes on the plentiful and free energy of the sun. You can use a solar heating systems to heat not only your […]