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Cool Ways To Take Charge Of Your Energy Bills When It’s Getting Hot

Cool Ways To Take Charge Of Your Energy Bills When It’s Getting Hot

Rising temperatures can also mean rising energy bills for many Georgia residents. If you’re worried about summertime energy costs, consider these tips to keep cool without draining your bank account this year.

  • Seal air leaks. You can use caulk, spray foam and weather stripping to seal up cracks and leaks around windows, doors, vents and other areas. This will help you keep cool air inside your home where it belongs. And when winter comes again, it will also help you heat your home more efficiently.
  • Change your air filters. The filters in your air conditioner are responsible for removing dust and other particles from the air you breathe. Over time, these filters can get so dirty that your air conditioner has to work extra hard to blow air through. This results in higher energy bills. You can avoid this problem by cleaning or replacing your air filters every one to three months.
  • Reduce hot water costs. Fixing leaky pipes and installing low-flow showerheads go a long way toward conserving water. You can also save a surprising amount by insulating your water heater and by turning the hot water thermostat down to 120 degrees.
  • Use appliances wisely. Only run your dishwasher or washing machine when you have a full load to wash. Cook with small appliances like your microwave instead of your oven whenever possible; or better yet, cook outside on the grill. If you have to use the oven, try to do it on a cool morning or evening. Unplug stereos, TVs and other electronics when not in use, and use your computer’s power-saving settings.
  • Update your thermostat. If you have a manual thermostat, you can save money simply by turning it up a few degrees in summer. You might also benefit by replacing it with a programmable thermostat, which saves you money by automatically adjusting the temperature in your home according to your daily routine.

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