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Solar Attic Fans — How They Work And The Benefits They Provide

Solar Attic Fans — How They Work And The Benefits They Provide

Solar Attic Fans -- How They Work And The Benefits They ProvideThe heat that builds up in our attics can reach incredible temperatures — 150 degrees is not unusual in the summer months — which then transfers through the ceilings into our living space. This can be a particular problem for residents in the Peachtree City area, who deal with temperatures above the 70-degree marks for much of the year. That’s why it’s well worth understanding solar attic fans, both how they work and the benefits they provide. 

How solar attic fans work
Most attic fans are designed to fit into the typical space between roof rafters, making installation a breeze. The units have a solar panel on the top, which is located outside the roof, and an integral extractor fan below, which projects downward into the attic. The panel collects the sun’s energy and turns it into electricity, which in turn powers the fan, an all in one self-contained appliance. The fan sucks the hot air out of the attic, so cool air can be drawn in to replace it.

Once you install your solar attic fan, there’s no more costs associated with it, because it doesn’t require electricity to operate. Some units are even supplied with a 25-year guarantee. The cost of installation can be a pleasant surprise, too. There’s no wiring or switches to pay for, because everything is built right into the unit.

Benefits of solar attic fans
Attic fans are designed to be whisper-quiet in operation; you should not hear a thing or sense a trace of vibration as the equipment works away, unobtrusively keeping your energy bills down. Because you’re keeping the temperature down in your attic, hot air is not seeping into your living space, and your air conditioning isn’t working overtime to keep your temperature at the desired level. Additionally, because the fan is pulling hot, humid air out of the attic void, the structure of your roof likely will last longer.

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