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Whole-House Humidifier: Don’t Neglect Winter Maintenance

Whole-House Humidifier: Don’t Neglect Winter Maintenance

Whole-House Humidifier: Don't Neglect Winter MaintenanceThe Peachtree City area is beautiful, but also very humid. While you can’t control the outdoor relative humidity, you can control the humidity inside your home. A whole-house humidifier will help to maintain a comfortable indoor environment year round. However, regular maintenance, especially in the winter, is important to ensure your humidifier is working as efficiently as possible.

Maintenance tips for whole-house humidifiers

  •  Check that both the saddle valve and the solenoid valve are turning freely. The saddle valve is attached directly to a water pipe and to a copper tube. The solenoid valve is located between the saddle valve tube and the humidifier unit.
  • Verify the humidifier is level. If the unit is not level, the entire water panel may not be sufficiently wet for maximum efficiency.
  • Clean the small metering device, called the orifice, which regulates the volume of water entering the distribution tray. The orifice is located on the feed tube (copper tube) directly after the solenoid valve. If the opening in the orifice has become clogged with scale or sediment, clear the opening with a thin needle.
  • Inspect and change the water panel in your whole-house humidifier. These panels are also referred to as the filter or evaporator pad. They are typically made of a honeycombed aluminum mesh that has been coated with a liquid ceramic, which is an excellent material for water absorption. The openings in the mesh may become blocked by scale and sediment, reducing airflow and the effectiveness of the system. Replacement is recommended once a year, more often in areas with extremely hard water.

Whole-house humidifier winter maintenance can be accomplished by a knowledgeable do-it-yourself homeowner. However, to be sure your unit is working at peak performance, it’s best to use a contractor with experience.

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