Jason Bass

April 7, 2022

Find Out How Balance Dampers Work for Your HVAC Unit

Often, when people have rooms they don’t use much, they’ll close the vents in those rooms so HVAC air doesn’t flow to it. However, closing the vents doesn’t save any energy. What it does do is increase the pressure in your ductwork, which can cause leaks and damage your HVAC system. If you want to adjust the flow of air through your home, you should use balance dampers instead. What Are Balance Dampers? Dampers are mechanisms inside your ductwork that control airflow. […]
March 17, 2022

How Does Your HVAC Unit Handle Thermostat Communication?

Thermostat communication has evolved substantially in recent years. For decades, the basic communication between thermostat and HVAC components was a simple four-wire system: power, furnace, AC, and fan. The simple concept provided on/off operation of the furnace and air conditioner based on an electromechanical switch that sensed temperature in a single room. As digital programmable thermostats came along, however, the wires became more numerous and the functions more complex in order to add automation and enhanced monitoring to your HVAC […]
March 3, 2022

Which Is Healthier Air Inside Your Home: Hot or Cold?

In the Peachtree City area, weather conditions can range from hot and sticky to warm, sunny, and beautiful, right on down to frigid temperatures that can cause problematic dry skin. Yes, it’s true that the weather — the air we feel and breathe — impacts our health in relation to quality of sleep, appetite, emotional state, and even the transmission of unwanted germs and viruses. So, if you’re curious about which is the healthier air — hot air or cold air — the […]
February 17, 2022

Do You Know the HVAC Replacement Signs to Look For?

HVAC units can last for many years if they’re well maintained. However, even the best units need replacing at some point. In general, the average HVAC unit lasts 10 years, and if your unit is nearing its life expectancy, it could be reaching the end of its useful life span. There are specific HVAC replacement signs, and if your unit shows any of the HVAC replacement signs discussed here, you should reach out to a professional as soon as possible. Four HVAC Replacement Signs […]