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Money Saving Tips for Colder Months

Posted on November 13th, 2018 by
Money Saving Tips for Colder Months

Keeping your home warm during the winter season can be a costly endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Saving money is easy to do once you know where to concentrate your efforts. We suggest that you start with these quick tips:

Call an HVAC Technician

If you haven’t had your heating system checked in the past year, now’s the perfect time. A qualified technician will ensure optimal performance and efficiency, in addition to prolonging the unit’s lifespan.

Take Advantage of Your Programmable Thermostat

Most homes are now equipped with programmable thermostats that allow you to set the days and times when your heating system is in operation. This level of control will lower your energy usage, thereby saving you money on your monthly utility bill.

Add a Bit of Insulation

If you don’t have proper insulation in your home, heat will escape and force your system to work harder to achieve the same results. Adding insulation can usually be done by the homeowner, but if you have any problems, enlist the help of an HVAC technician who can pinpoint where insulation is needed most and add it for you.

Consider the …

Ways Weather Affects Energy Bill

Posted on June 14th, 2018 by
Ways Weather Affects Energy Bill

A lot of factors affect your energy bill. While the amount of energy you use in response to soaring or plummeting local temperatures is one of them, sometimes weather far away from us can also affect our costs. And, speaking of weather, it’s not just extreme temperatures that can nudge our energy costs upward.

High Humidity and Your Energy Bill

We Georgians know how miserable high humidity makes us feel, whether we’re outdoors for a power walk or indoors on the stationary bike. When humidity rises in our homes (higher than 50-55 percent, the perspiration on our skin can’t evaporate), the urge is to turn the thermostat down so we can cool off. Turning your A/C way down to compensate for too much humidity will raise your bills unnecessarily.

If you’re running your air conditioner continuously and keeping your windows closed, then your home’s relative humidity should not be that high.

A hygrometer can reveal if your humidity is over 50-55 percent. If it is, then do the following:

Change the air filter to promote better air flow. Have the evaporator coils cleaned or repaired if they’re not functioning. Have the A/C refrigerant checked and recharged. Fix plumbing leaks. Install …

Lower Energy Bills: A Helpful Gift to Yourself

Posted on December 6th, 2016 by
Lower Energy Bills: A Helpful Gift to Yourself

While winter and the holiday season can sure put a hurt on your household budget, what with heating bills and increased use of other household utilities, there’s some good news for homeowners who want lower energy bills (basically everybody). Following are some easy and effective ways to lower energy bills as we move into the holidays:

Use your home’s thermostat wisely to avoid heating an empty house when nobody’s home. If it’s a programmable model, enter setbacks so the temperature is allowed to drop 8-10 degrees when the house is empty for longer than a few hours, and 5-6 degrees (or your preference) at night when the household is asleep. If you still have manual thermostat, remember to set back the temperature yourself at those times. Take advantage of the solar heat that shines through windows on sunny days. Open curtains and blinds, and enjoy the natural warmth as your room heats up several degrees, even when it’s freezing outside. Close the window coverings as the sun goes down outside to add a layer of protection against the evening/nighttime cold. Use your ceiling fans to help redistribute warm air that collects near ceilings (and doesn’t do anyone any good). …

Saving Energy With Window Treatments for Your Home

Posted on September 20th, 2016 by
Saving Energy With Window Treatments for Your Home

Windows are a focal point of your Peachtree City home that add beauty and personality. Though, your windows are huge contributors to heat gain/loss that result in higher energy bills and greater HVAC wear. If you would like your home to be more energy efficient, but you don’t want unsightly windows, use these tips to see how the right window treatments can improve your home’s aesthetics and lower your energy bills.

Visible Benefits

Your home’s envelope consists of the materials and systems that separate your conditioned spaces from extreme temperatures. You surely know that a well insulated attic and sound walls makes your home more comfortable and efficient, but did you realize you can recoup your investment with window treatments in these ways?

Substantially reduce your cooling and heating bills by blocking window heat gain/loss. Many window treatments reduce outside noise giving you more peace and quiet. Protect your furnishings and walls from harmful UV rays.

Interior Treatments

Interior solar screens: Solar screens are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes and visibility percentages. They are easy to adjust and may allow heat gain on cooler days. Window film: Window films reduce the amount of sunlight and heat gain. …

Keeping Your Windows Well-Maintained

Posted on August 11th, 2016 by
Keeping Your Windows Well-Maintained

When trying to make their homes more energy-efficient, many homeowners look at changing their HVAC system. This is an effective solution, but it isn’t the only area that you can address to see savings.

A surprising amount of energy is lost through a home’s windows. This is especially true in older homes and homes where the windows haven’t been properly sealed. By making some simple repairs and changes, you can improve your home’s energy-efficiency and reduce your utility bills.

New Windows

Of course, the biggest change you can make is to replace your windows with more energy-efficient models. You can look at various options and compare EnergyStar ratings to help you pick the most efficient windows for your needs.

Storm Windows

If new windows aren’t in your budget or you simply don’t want to replace your existing windows, installing storm windows can be a good alternative. The category of “storm windows” covers many different products, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one that fits your home and budget.

A key point with storm windows is to make sure they are installed properly. If they’re hung off-square or not sealed to the existing window, you won’t see much improvement …