October 19, 2017

What Thermostat Settings to Maintain When You Leave for a Fall Vacation

Whenever you leave for fall vacation, you’ll have a number of things to take care of, from cleaning out the refrigerator, to setting the dimmer switches for the lights to come on at night, to making arrangements for the pets. But one thing you should not forget has to do with the thermostat settings for the HVAC. Hot or Cold? It can be a toss-up this time of year as to whether to turn on the heat or the air […]
October 24, 2017

4 Ways to Prepare Your Fireplace for the Heating Season

A fireplace in your home provides heating as well as a cozy atmosphere. Before the cooler season begins, it’s important to check your fireplace for safety issues and get it ready for consistent use.   Here are four elements of fireplace preparation that will ensure safe operation as well as comfort: Inspect and clean the chimney Contact a chimney maintenance professional for an inspection for damage and a thorough cleaning. The inside of the chimney should be scoured to remove […]
November 2, 2017

Air Pollutants: The Journey Into Your Home

In such a beautiful area as Peachtree City, it’s hard to think that air pollutants could be a problem. Anyone who suffers from allergies might feel differently, however. Since this is a year-round mild climate, there are plenty of sources of airborne irritants.   The grasses on the lawns and golf courses, pollen from trees and shrubs create some misery, as do naturally occurring mold spores and manmade chemicals. Each of these easily enters your home: Through the windows and […]
November 7, 2017

Should You Invest in Smart Heating?

Improving HVAC system efficiency is a concern for many homeowners with the high cost of energy today. If you’re looking for ways to control your energy consumption and lower your heating costs without sacrificing comfort, you need to consider investing in smart heating technology. Smart Heating System Technology Basics Thanks to recent technological advancements, it’s possible to have an HVAC system that’s primed for efficiency with smarter controls and innovative equipment options. With smart technology, you’ll benefit from a heating […]