March 4, 2021

Don’t Depend on DIY HVAC Maintenance Throughout Your Home

Your HVAC system is having problems, but the repairs seem minor. No need to call a professional. You’re pretty handy. You can perform basic DIY HVAC maintenance, right? Unless you’re trained and certified in HVAC repair, the answer is no. Here are three reasons why DIY HVAC maintenance is not worth the trouble. 1. Experience HVAC repair isn’t something you can learn from tinkering on your own. HVAC technicians require special training and NATE certification to understand the inner workings of your […]
March 18, 2021

What Role Does a Humidifier Play When You Have a Cough?

It’s cold and flu season and you can’t stop coughing. You’ve heard a humidifier might help, but you’re not sure how. What does a humidifier do for a cough? Does it help or hurt? Here’s what you need to know.
April 8, 2021

Do You Need an AC Refrigerant Line Repair in Your Home?

Certain issues in your home air conditioning system could be signs that AC refrigerant line repair is needed. Refrigerant is the chemical lifeblood of air conditioning.  A central air-conditioning system continuously circulates refrigerant between the indoor evaporator coil and the outdoor condenser coil through insulated copper tubing. These lines are exposed to the elements and, over time, may incur deterioration or physical damage that causes refrigerant  leaks. Signs that a professionally done AC refrigerant line repair may be needed range […]
April 22, 2021

How to Clean Your Home’s AC Ducts: A Step-by-Step Guide

As warmer weather arrives with spring and summer, you may be getting your AC ready to keep your home cooler. Maybe you scheduled AC maintenance with your HVAC technician. Perhaps you are installing a new high-efficiency AC? Have you given your AC ducts any thought? What follows is your guide on how to clean AC ducts so your entire system is ready to keep your Peachtree City home comfortable. How to Clean AC Ducts: Why Clean Ducts? It’s hard to […]