February 26, 2019

Looking for Your A/C Tonnage

The A/C tonnage figure refers to the amount of cooling your air conditioner can supply to maintain optimum comfort. When you hear HVAC contractors or others referring to the sizing of an air conditioner, they’re not talking about its physical dimensions in feet and inches. They’re referring to its BTU tonnage—the actual volume of cooling it’s designed to generate under controlled conditions. Why Tonnage Matters It’s useful to know the tonnage specification for your air conditioner if you’re about to […]
February 21, 2019

How to Ventilate Your Craft Room Properly

Having a hobby room inside your home makes it more convenient to work on them whenever you have the time. If the activity involves pains, adhesives, or solvents, there’s also the risk that the fumes will harm your health without adequate ventilation. Many hobby materials contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that are known health hazards. Aside from avoiding them entirely, the best way to avoid the consequences of VOC exposure by having an exhaust system set up in the hobby […]
February 19, 2019

How to Tell if Your Air Purifier is Broken

If you’re an allergy or asthma sufferer, your air purifier is an invaluable home appliance. It eliminates microscopic contaminants from your air, to keep you breathing easy. But how do you know if it’s really working? What if your purifier is broken? Here are some ways to tell. Checking Your Air Purifier The simplest way to tell if your system is working is to check the filter. If there’s dust and debris on the filter, that means it’s doing its […]
February 14, 2019

Smart Thermostats: 5 Reason to Love Them

Have you ever considered installing a smart thermostat in your home? Perhaps you’ve thought it sounded too complicated and you were wary of adding more technology to your life. The fact is, smart thermostats offer the homeowner so many benefits, it’s worthwhile just to take a look at them and consider the benefits carefully. Energy Savings We’re a big fan of programming HVAC system schedules that cut back on energy use when you’re sleeping or away from home. Government research […]