July 10, 2018

Things to Take into Account Before Replacing Your Heater

If you’re thinking about heater replacements, you picked the right season. During the hot summer, furnace sales typically dip and many HVAC contractors offer incentives to keep volume up. Frequently, deals are available on last year’s models that are still in stock. Selection is often wider, too, as inventory isn’t depleted by demand that always soars as winter weather approaches. Installation of the new unit is also more comfortable—doing without heat for a day during summer definitely isn’t a problem […]
July 5, 2018

Best Cooling for Guest Homes and Rooms

Hospitality is one of the most important virtues you can master — especially in the Georgia heat. Whether you’re turning your spare room into an Airbnb or renting your guest house to summer vacationers, it’s important that you keep your guests cool and comfortable. By providing effective HVAC service for them, you can make your property more attractive to potential renters, allowing you to rent it out faster and more consistently, as well as charge more for the extra benefit […]
July 3, 2018

School’s Out: How Should You Adjust Your Thermostat?

When your children are in school and everyone is at work on weekdays, it’s easy to program your thermostat for extended setback periods to save energy. However, once the school year ends and the children are home more during the day, you’ll need to make smart changes to your HVAC schedule to maximize your potential energy savings.   Here are some helpful tips on how to program your thermostat to reap the greatest savings during the summer school break. Make […]
June 28, 2018

Typical HVAC Costs

During the lifespan of a typical home cooling and heating system, some HVAC costs are more preventable than others. For example, an annual preventative maintenance agreement with a qualified HVAC contractor keeps your system operating at optimum performance and efficiency, as well as reducing wear and tear that may shorten component lifespan and cause malfunctions. The modest cost of annual professional preventative maintenance is a good investment. It’s also usually required by most HVAC manufacturers under terms of the system […]