May 15, 2018

Fun Ways to Teach Kids about HVAC and Energy Efficiency

As parents, we want our kids to have fun, but we also want them to learn how to be energy-wise future Peachtree City homeowners. Teaching kids about HVAC and energy efficiency now will give them practical knowledge they can put to good use when they own a home. Here are some suggestions on how to make learning about efficiency and HVAC more enjoyable: Make HVAC Maintenance Memorable When you have an HVAC maintenance visit planned, ask your technician if the […]
May 10, 2018

HVAC Tips and Maintenance for Homes with Pets

If you have four-legged companions in your home, you may not realize that a pet can put added strain on your HVAC system. Pet dander, hair and the dust and dirt that’s brought indoors on furry paws can increase how much care your equipment needs, especially when it’s already working extra hard during our extended cooling season. If yours is one of the many Peachtree City homes with pets, here’s what you can do to minimize any adverse impact on […]
May 8, 2018

Ways Trees Can Lead to HVAC Savings

There are many good reasons to plant trees. They are beautiful. The right trees provide habitat for wildlife. They help clean the world of carbon emissions. And, they cool off your home and landscape.   We all know that trees help make our outdoor areas more appealing for relaxation and entertainment. But trees can also result in HVAC savings — that is, lower utility bills. Read on to find out how. How Trees Can Lower Your Utility Bill Trees, planted […]
April 26, 2018

Why Crawl Space Safety is Important

Crawl space safety is a real concern, because someone may need to venture into this potentially-dangerous area underneath your home periodically to inspect or repair gas lines, water or sewer pipes, HVAC ductwork or structural components. By definition, crawl spaces are confining and hard to move around in, plus they can contain all sorts of hazards, such as: Mold and mildew Exposed electrical wiring Pesticides, toxic chemicals or flammable gas vapors Asbestos or fiberglass insulation Stagnant or contaminated water Insects, […]