March 8, 2018

5 Common HVAC Problems in the Spring

HVAC problems often occur when you first begin to use your A/C in the spring. Hopefully, the problem is a minor reminder that your HVAC system needs some attention before the summer months. Following are five common spring HVAC problems you may run into and the right way to address the issues. Overdue Filter Change Something as simple as forgetting to change your air filter can cause big problems for your HVAC system. When the filter becomes clogged with dirt, […]
March 6, 2018

HVAC Considerations: The Beginning of Daylight Saving Time

The beginning of daylight saving time is right around the corner, so you’ll soon need to move your clocks ahead to gain an extra hour of sunlight each day. The functionality of your HVAC system is another key consideration during this seasonal time change, so be sure to take the following steps so it stays in perfect sync as you spring forward: Check the Time on Your Thermostat Display Most programmable thermostats today have a built-in clock adjustment feature that […]
February 27, 2018

Cooling Season: Steps to Take Before Turning On the A/C Again

It’s a bit hard to believe with the spell of cold weather we’ve had, but it’ll soon be time to turn on the air conditioner here in Peachtree. One thing about it, our winters don’t tend to last all that long, while summer just goes on and on.   And that’s why, before you turn on your air conditioner, you need to take steps to ensure it’s going to run reliably all during the cooling season. Do not skimp on […]
February 22, 2018

End of Winter Maintenance To-Dos

As the icy chill of winter gives way to springtime warmth, you’ll want to make sure your HVAC system is able to make the transition from heating to cooling. A little end of winter maintenance can go a long way towards aiding this transition, plus it’ll help you keep your HVAC system in peak condition year-round.   If you’re wondering what should be on your end of winter maintenance to-do list, here are a few maintenance tasks you should tackle […]