June 7, 2016

How to Maximize A/C Efficiency

The efficiency of your air conditioner significantly affects how well the system cools your home as well as how much it costs to produce that cooling. By taking some or all of the following steps to increase air conditioner efficiency this summer, you can have a cool, comfortable home for less money. Change the filters — Air conditioner filters help keep your indoor air clean by trapping dust, pollen, fibers, and other particulates. When filters get dirty and clogged, they […]
June 2, 2016

Stay Cool, Even if Your Air Conditioner is Leaking

A leaking air conditioner doesn’t leak air. It leaks water — maybe lots of it. On a hot and humid summer day here in northern Georgia, a central A/C can condense more than 20 gallons of water vapor out of the air. If everything goes right, as condensate collects in the drip pan beneath the indoor air handler, all that water safely flows down a drain line connected to the household sewer pipe. If something goes wrong, however, water damage […]
May 26, 2016

Xeriscaping Around Your A/C Unit

Your air conditioner plays a crucial role in keeping your home comfortable, but it’s no looker. In a carefully landscaped yard, the typical A/C system tends to stand out like a sore thumb. Fortunately, a little xeriscaping can go a long way towards hiding your A/C while helping it run more efficiently. Using Plants to Your Advantage You can use xeriscaping to keep your A/C system out of sight without putting it out of mind. For instance, bushes and hedges […]
May 24, 2016

Important Tips for Storm Season Preparation

It’s the time of year when spring storm preparation should be on your household “to-do” list. Here in the Atlanta area, the season for potentially severe weather begins in February and extends to June. During that period, severe storms including heavy rain, hail, high wind and lightning strikes are more likely. Not to mention the threat of tornadoes in North Georgia exceeds twice the national average. Severe weather can pose a threat to all parts of your home. Your HVAC […]