March 3, 2016

Get Ready to Spring Forward with these HVAC Tasks

The spring ritual of adjusting your clocks for daylight savings time is a good reminder to take care of important chores like replacing your carbon monoxide and smoke detector batteries. When you’re making a spring forward chore list this year, be sure to add these HVAC tasks. Optimize the Air Distribution System To improve airflow through the HVAC system and curb conditioned air waste, hire a pro to inspect the ductwork, fix problems like disconnected or damaged sections, then seal […]
March 1, 2016

Tips for Handling a Pressuring HVAC Salesperson

Time spent with an HVAC salesperson should be encouraging and informative. If you feel like you are at a used car dealership being pressured into buying something, you are probably dealing with the wrong contractor. Here is what to watch for. Spot the Tactics There are good, ethical salespeople, and then there are some who want to make a sale no matter what it takes. Those in this latter group use several different tactics to persuade you to buy their […]
February 25, 2016

Will a Dirty Furnace Coil Affect Your HVAC System?

During the course of any heating or cooling season, dirt, mold spores and other debris can collect within your HVAC system’s evaporator coil. A dirty furnace coil affects home comfort, the life of the system, and your utility bills. It can even cause the furnace to shut down suddenly. Here is more about the effects of a dirty furnace coils and how you can prevent future problems. Effects of a Dirty Furnace Coil Air heated by your furnace travels through […]
February 23, 2016

Don’t Fall for These 6 Myths About Energy Saving

Understanding a few common energy-saving myths will help you avoid energy waste and stay comfortable affordably during the cool winters and hot Peachtree City summers. Myth: Closing air registers in unused rooms saves energy. Truth: It’s one of the more persistent energy-saving myths, but closing registers doesn’t reduce your system’s energy use. Instead, it creates a pressure imbalance in your system that strains the components and can eventually damage them. Myth: Ceiling fans cool rooms. Truth: Fans don’t lower a […]