December 27, 2011

Why A Variable-Speed Blower Motor Can Help Your System Run Longer And Better

A variable-speed blower motor can help Georgia homeowners save energy through the use of both their heating and cooling systems, because both systems use the blower motor to move conditioned air into your home. Variable-speed models also tend to last longer, so you get maximum efficiency over a longer life span, along with several other benefits. A variable-speed blower motor can operate at any of several speeds, whereas conventional systems operate at two speeds: on or off. And when they’re […]
November 17, 2011

Furnace Troubleshooting: Some Easy Fixes To Try Before You Call The Repairman

Before you call an HVAC repairman to come fix problems you’re experiencing with your furnace, you may be able to take care of the problems fairly easily. There are often very simple solutions to some of the most common issues, and fixing them yourself can save you money. Below are some of the more common problems, along with simple furnace troubleshooting tips that can restore your heat and comfort. Important: Always shut off the electricity and gas to your heating […]
November 3, 2011

Brace Yourself For The Blast Of Dust When You Turn The Furnace On — Or Just Get Your Ductwork Cleaned

If you have never had your ductwork cleaned, you probably experience the consequences on a daily basis, maybe without even realizing it. If you go too long without having them cleaned, dust and dirt that have built up in them can blow into your living spaces each time your heating or cooling equipment turns on. This can have a huge impact on your indoor air quality. By having them cleaned regularly, however, you can be sure that you are keeping your air safe […]
October 13, 2011

AFUE: What The Rating Means And Why It Matters When You’re Buying A Furnace

Shopping for a furnace can be overwhelming. You know that it is a massively important decision, one that will impact your comfort and energy expenses for as many as 20 years, but you may not be familiar with what criteria set different furnaces apart from one another. One of the most important factors to understand is AFUE, or annual fuel utilization efficiency. AFUE ratings are a measurement of heating equipment’s efficiency. It is a percentage based on how much fuel is consumed versus […]