October 20, 2011

Keeping Your Heat Pump In Prime Shape: What Your Service Technician Should Do, And What You Can Do Yourself

Preventive maintenance is the key to keeping your heat pump operating better, longer and with greater efficiency. Annual maintenance checks help you keep track of the unit’s condition so minor issues can be fixed before they become major problems. A well-maintained heat pump will consume 10 to 25 percent less energy than a similar unit that has been neglected. Preventive maintenance is a simple and inexpensive way to keep your heat pump in top condition. You can do many of […]
October 25, 2011

Going To A Heat-Pump System? Four Things You Need To Consider

When used in a suitable climate, heat pumps can provide an extremely efficient source of heating and cooling to meet your home’s needs. A correctly installed air-source heat pump can effectively warm your home, while having a relatively small impact on your energy consumption, because it can provide up to three times more heating energy than the electrical energy it uses. Selecting an air-source heat pump for your home? Consider these four important factors, recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy: […]
November 22, 2011

Boosting Your Insulation? Throw A Blanket On Your Water Heater While You’re At It

One of the best ways to reduce energy costs during a Georgia winter is to increase the amount of insulation in your home. One appliance that will benefit greatly from added insulation is your water heater. It produces a great deal of heat, but a lot of that energy can be lost if the tank has inadequate insulation. That loss forces your heater to work harder — costing you money. You can create a more energy-efficient heater by using blanket insulation. In […]
December 1, 2011

A Gas Fireplace Retrofit: All the Warmth And Coziness Without the Work And Cleanup

Sitting around a fireplace in the fall or winter is not only a good way to relax, it also helps heat your home. Using firewood can entail lot of work, however, and it’s messy. Buying firewood in small bundles costs more than buying a cord at a time, but storing it attracts insects and small animals. The climate in Peachtree City is hospitable for termites, fire ants and carpenter ants — which you’d probably prefer not to have in your […]