December 25, 2012

Insulating Your Home: What’s The Right Kind For Your Particular Project?

Insulating your home is one of those projects that requires a small investment for a big payoff. Adding more to your attic or increasing the amount in your walls may be something you can do on your own or hire a contractor. Regardless, you’ll see your heating and cooling bills drop. This guide can help you choose the right kind for your project. Batt This is the most common and easiest to install. Most batt insulation uses fiberglass or mineral wool. […]
November 29, 2012

A Guide To Insulating Your Crawl Space

Insulating your crawl space is an important part of a whole-home approach to energy savings. Whether you are trying to keep heat and humidity out during the summer or keep warm air in during the winter, you need to make sure you have the right insulation for the job. Follow this guide for insulating your crawl space, and you will save all year long: Moisture barriers – Since there is no sunlight and airflow is inconsistent through the crawl space, […]
October 9, 2012

Is This The Year You Upgrade Your Home Insulation?

Did you know that just because your home currently has insulation, it might not be enough, or the right type? Insulation typically is unseen, and you know what they say about out of sight, out of mind. However, with proper insulation, you can reduce your energy consumption significantly and even save money. Is it time to upgrade your home insulation? It just might be. Here’s a quick look at the various types of insulation available, and where they work best […]
August 14, 2012

Thinking Of Adding Insulation? The Attic Is A Cost-Effective Place To Start

If your home is too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, it’s a good time to inspect your insulation. Adding insulation to your attic is a good place to start, is a fairly easy process and can save you money quickly on your utility bills. There are many types of insulation on the market, but there are certain kinds that are better for attics, especially in an existing home, than others. All insulation has an insulation […]