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Are You Prepared for Winter Power Outages?

Posted on February 9th, 2017 by
Are You Prepared for Winter Power Outages?

Winter power outages can be dangerous if you’re not prepared. It certainly won’t be pleasant, whether a few hours or a few days. Read through these tips to prepare for a winter power outage to make your time “off grid” as comfortable and safe as possible.

Emergency Checklist

It’s important to make an emergency preparedness checklist specific to your home. Following are some of the items you may include:

Account for the whereabouts of everyone in your household. Everyone should have a flashlight or glow stick. Turn off the HVAC system at the thermostat and gas valve if applicable. Locate your emergency preparedness kit. Make sure your home is secure. Emergency Kit

Keep your emergency kit in a place where everyone can gain access. Your emergency kit should include a first-aid kit, flashlights, batteries, glow sticks, a fire extinguisher and a battery-operated radio.

Purchase a Backup Generator

A backup generator can make an extraordinary difference in your emergency preparedness. You’ll be able to use lighting, portable heaters, a portable refrigerator and more. Generators can also run your sump system to help prevent your basement from flooding during a storm.

Store Food and Water

Store plenty of non-perishable food and water. …

A Power Outage Can Occur At Any Time — Can You Weather One?

Posted on February 28th, 2012 by

A sudden and prolonged power outage can occur without warning. Here are the most important steps to prepare for a power outage and what to do if you find yourself without power:

Make sure you have a flashlight for each person and spare batteries to keep them running as long as necessary. Have a battery-powered radio on hand to stay informed of updates. Keep a portable source of heat available if the power outage occurs at night in the winter. A wood-burning stove is a good option, but you will need to ventilate it properly for safety reasons. Store a cooler somewhere and keep ice on hand to help save refrigerated and frozen food if an outage occurs. Put together a survival kit that includes water, non-perishable food, a first aid kit, tool box, emergency contact information and extra cash. Obtain a portable generator rated for the amount of power you might need during a power outage. Keep extra fuel for the generator on hand so you can use it at a moment’s notice.

How To Weather a Power Outage

Leave the food in the freezer and refrigerator without opening the doors if the outage is expected to last …