1. Check the filter, if dirty replace immediately, recommend every 3-6 months replace standard 1” or 2” filters. Most larger filters 6-12 months.
  2. Check thermostat for correct setting.  If digital display is out, open thermostat and replace battery.
  3. Wherever the furnace or heating unit is located, there is usually an on/off switch nearby (looks just like a light switch). Sometimes this switch gets shut off. If furnace is not working, check to make sure this switch is in the “ON” position.
  4. Gas smell — shut off the unit and call your local gas provider or AGL first.
  5. Install carbon monoxide detector, check/replace batteries yearly.
  6. If customer has a humidifier, replace panel/pad yearly, check/clean drain line, usually humidifier stat should be placed around 35.
  7. If the heat pump is iced up during the fall/winter, DO NOT turn off.  Technicians sometimes can’t locate the problem if it has already de-iced.