crawl space

December 3, 2013

A Damp Crawl Space: The Nasty Little Secret Under Too Many Homes

Times change. It used to be popularly believed that a vented crawl space was a healthy crawl space, but that thinking has altered. Here in the Peachtree City area where we average 51 inches of rain a year, and temperatures are in the 80s or above all summer; humidity can be a conspicuous problem. A damp crawl space is a nasty little secret under too many homes; make sure yours isn’t one of them. Structural Problems Dampness can be a determined, […]
December 10, 2013

Your Airtight Georgia Home: A Guide to Weatherstripping

For optimum air quality, comfort and ideal temperatures inside your Georgia home, air sealing should be part of your energy efficiency plan. Here is a basic guide to weatherstripping. What It Is Weatherstripping (usually felt, adhesive-backed foam, plastic, vinyl or metal) fills in nooks and crannies around your home’s openings. Where window meets window frame, or door meets door jamb, you’ll find weatherstripping, including around garage doors, crawl space entryways and attic doors. Why You Need It If you have […]
April 26, 2018

Why Crawl Space Safety is Important

Crawl space safety is a real concern, because someone may need to venture into this potentially-dangerous area underneath your home periodically to inspect or repair gas lines, water or sewer pipes, HVAC ductwork or structural components. By definition, crawl spaces are confining and hard to move around in, plus they can contain all sorts of hazards, such as: Mold and mildew Exposed electrical wiring Pesticides, toxic chemicals or flammable gas vapors Asbestos or fiberglass insulation Stagnant or contaminated water Insects, […]