energy bills

August 9, 2011

Welcome To Powers Heating And Air’s New Home Comfort Blog!

In our line of work, we get the opportunity to be a valuable resource for local residents who want to save money on utility bills and be comfortable in their homes. We work hard to provide cost-effective solutions to HVAC problems and like sharing that information with our neighbors here in the Peachtree City area. That’s why we’ve decided to start a blog providing professional advice on home heating and cooling issues plus useful energy-efficiency tips right here online. Ever wonder why your […]
June 5, 2012

Cool Ways To Take Charge Of Your Energy Bills When It’s Getting Hot

Rising temperatures can also mean rising energy bills for many Georgia residents. If you’re worried about summertime energy costs, consider these tips to keep cool without draining your bank account this year. Seal air leaks. You can use caulk, spray foam and weather stripping to seal up cracks and leaks around windows, doors, vents and other areas. This will help you keep cool air inside your home where it belongs. And when winter comes again, it will also help you […]
August 9, 2012

Are Energy Vampires Bleeding Your Energy Budget Dry?

Nowadays we’re all surrounded by modern electronics which make life easier and homes more comfortable. Unfortunately, all of this modern technology can take a toll on your energy bills. The first step in getting your energy costs back to a reasonable amount is to check the house for energy vampires. These energy-sucking vampires come in the form of standby power electronics and home appliances in need of service. Standby power electronics  Many small home electronics continue to draw power when […]
November 1, 2012

Solar Heating Means Smaller Energy Bills For You

As the costs of fuel and electricity rise, the need for cheaper alternatives grows. If you’re looking for a way to reduce your energy consumption and your utility bills, then solar heating might be an option. You could see a significant reduction in your energy bills, and your carbon footprint, by installing and using a solar system that capitalizes on the plentiful and free energy of the sun. You can use a solar heating systems to heat not only your […]