October 13, 2011

AFUE: What The Rating Means And Why It Matters When You’re Buying A Furnace

Shopping for a furnace can be overwhelming. You know that it is a massively important decision, one that will impact your comfort and energy expenses for as many as 20 years, but you may not be familiar with what criteria set different furnaces apart from one another. One of the most important factors to understand is AFUE, or annual fuel utilization efficiency. AFUE ratings are a measurement of heating equipment’s efficiency. It is a percentage based on how much fuel is consumed versus […]
November 17, 2011

Furnace Troubleshooting: Some Easy Fixes To Try Before You Call The Repairman

Before you call an HVAC repairman to come fix problems you’re experiencing with your furnace, you may be able to take care of the problems fairly easily. There are often very simple solutions to some of the most common issues, and fixing them yourself can save you money. Below are some of the more common problems, along with simple furnace troubleshooting tips that can restore your heat and comfort. Important: Always shut off the electricity and gas to your heating […]
February 7, 2012

Thinking About Buying A Furnace Online? Think Again

Buying a furnace is a major home-improvement investment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. While the convenience of buying a furnace online is attractive, and while you may be able to find a reduced price through a retailer with lower overhead costs, it can actually cost you in a big way down the road. Here’s why: there are inherent disadvantages to purchasing HVAC equipment without the guidance of an experienced professional. First, you will need to correctly size your new furnace, […]
February 23, 2012

Tagged Furnace: Smart Decision-Making’s Essential When You’re Seeing Red

Once you get over the shock that your furnace is in need of major repairs or may have to be replaced, it is critical that you take the proper steps to protect your family. When a furnace is “red tagged,” it could release dangerous carbon monoxide fumes if the furnace is turned back on without needed repairs. The most common cause for a tagged furnace is a cracked heat exchanger. It is the piece of equipment inside the furnace that transfers the […]