September 13, 2012

Home-Preparedness Tips: Be Ready For The Next Weather Front

Summer in the Peachtree City area means lots of warm weather and sunshine. However, as residents well know, it also means that it’s the time of year when hurricanes, tornadoes and severe summer storms can be the norm. Therefore, here are several home-preparedness tips that can help you get through the flooding and loss of power that these storms sometimes cause, as well as protecting the investment that you’ve made in your home. Ensure your personal safety Here are several tips […]
January 19, 2016

Tips for Being Prepared in Case of a Power Outage

A sudden power outage can leave you without heat, air conditioning, hot water, lighting, and the means to safely store and cook food for hours or even days. There’s no way to know how long an outage will last, but you’ll find it easier to cope if you make some advance preparations and keep three days’ worth of supplies on hand. These tips can help you prepare for a power outage: Put together an emergency kit and store it in […]
November 14, 2018

How to Use a Backup Generator Safely

A generator can be a lifesaver during a power outage, but only if you practice each aspect of generator safety. These appliances use combustible fuels to produce electricity. Generators have the capacity to do a lot of good, but when misused, can cause serious harm. Always use the generator outdoors. Generators use gas or diesel, both of which create carbon monoxide. Using one indoors will create high amounts of CO in a short period. If you are using the generator […]