February 2, 2017

These Factors Mean You’re Working With a Quality HVAC Business

Whether your heating and cooling system needs repair or you’ll looking to upgrade by having new equipment installed, you want the assurance that the HVAC contractor you hire does quality work and treats their customers fairly. With so many HVAC businesses to choose from in the local area, you’ll find it easier to pick the right one if you use the following factors as a hiring guide. Longevity and Good Reputation If an HVAC company has been in business for […]
October 25, 2016

How You Should Get the Air Conditioner Ready for Off Season

Cooler weather is coming soon, and when it gets here, it will be time to give your air conditioner a break during the off season. Here is a brief list of things you should do to get your cooling system ready for its winter idle time.   Shut it down. When you know you won’t need your A/C anymore this year, shut the power off completely, either at the system switch or at the circuit breaker. This prevents loss of […]
October 13, 2016

How to Understand the Energy Star Guidelines

There are many techniques for reducing household energy consumption, but the most reliable ways to cut energy usage and costs is with the products you use. The Energy Star program provides detailed information and guidelines for homeowners who want to invest in energy-efficient appliances, electronics, and other devices. Here’s a brief overview of the program’s guidelines and what you can expect from them. The Basis of the Energy Star Program The Energy Star program is a collaboration between the U.S. […]
October 6, 2016

HVAC Basics: Learn What BTUs Are

What is a BTU and what does it mean to you? In winter or summer, the number of BTUs added or removed from the house, respectively, is critical to indoor comfort. It’s also an important element of the calculations utilized for efficiency rating that help you evaluate the most energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment when you’re shopping for an upgrade.   BTU is short for British Thermal Unit. It’s the universally accepted measurement for a unit of heat energy. In […]