heat pump efficiency

June 26, 2012

Heat Pump Efficiency — 4 Terms That Tell The Tale

When deciding on a heat pump system, you want to choose a system that will save you money on your utility bills and therefore provide you with a high return on investment. And though heat pump efficiency is generally higher than the efficiency of other heating and cooling systems, some heat pumps are more energy efficient than others. To make sure you get the biggest energy savings from your system, there are four heat pump efficiency terms you should be […]
September 11, 2012

Need To Improve Heat Pump Efficiency? Try These 3 Tips

Due to the mild year-round climate of our area, your home can benefit greatly from the use of a heat pump. With the ability to cool your home in the summer and heat your home in the winter, this single unit does the work of two. There may be issues plaguing your equipment, however, that prevent it from achieving peak performance. If you find yourself needing to improve heat pump efficiency, try these three tips. Optimize refrigerant charge.  Units which […]
June 4, 2019

Could You Benefit from a Heat Pump?

The benefits of using a heat pump for air conditioning and heating are becoming better known. Heat pumps are widely recognized for their efficient use of energy, particularly in more moderate climates. They cool in a way similar to an air conditioner, but by means of a flipped switch, they can also heat. Air is distributed by the home’s duct system. Most heat pumps are electric powered, so they do not burn fossil fuels, which makes them a greener HVAC […]