home heating and cooling

August 9, 2011

Welcome To Powers Heating And Air’s New Home Comfort Blog!

In our line of work, we get the opportunity to be a valuable resource for local residents who want to save money on utility bills and be comfortable in their homes. We work hard to provide cost-effective solutions to HVAC problems and like sharing that information with our neighbors here in the Peachtree City area. That’s why we’ve decided to start a blog providing professional advice on home heating and cooling issues plus useful energy-efficiency tips right here online. Ever wonder why your […]
February 23, 2012

Tagged Furnace: Smart Decision-Making’s Essential When You’re Seeing Red

Once you get over the shock that your furnace is in need of major repairs or may have to be replaced, it is critical that you take the proper steps to protect your family. When a furnace is “red tagged,” it could release dangerous carbon monoxide fumes if the furnace is turned back on without needed repairs. The most common cause for a tagged furnace is a cracked heat exchanger. It is the piece of equipment inside the furnace that transfers the […]
May 22, 2012

Your New A/C: The SEER Rating Matters, But Weigh These 6 Features Too

The high summer temperatures and stifling humidity in Georgia make central air conditioning a necessity for comfortable living. If you’re upgrading to a new central air conditioner, you probably already know that the seasonal energy efficiency ratio, or SEER rating, is a large factor. If you can find a SEER rating of 14 or higher, your air conditioning costs will be more manageable this summer. However, there are six other features you should look for in addition to the SEER […]
May 24, 2012

Your Heat Pump: Tend To It While You’re Tidying The Yard

Your heat pump will soon be working overtime keeping your family cool and comfortable. Take a few moments as you’re out in the yard to tend to your heat pump — before the height of summer. Heat pump care and service Periodic cleaning and professional service for your heat pump are necessary for efficient performance, optimal cooling (and heating), and to prevent malfunctions. By maintaining a clean system, you’ll optimize air circulation, which is vital in order for your heat […]