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What to Know About HVAC Preventative Maintenance

What to Know About HVAC Preventative MaintenanceWith summer upon us, the time has come once again to look at the needs of the HVAC system in our home. To get you started as soon as possible, we’ve compiled a few quick HVAC preventative maintenance tips for you to implement that will keep your equipment running smoothly throughout the season and beyond.

Call a Qualified Technician

Before the start of the season or shortly thereafter, you should schedule an appointment with a qualified technician. He or she will check out the overall operation of your equipment and inform you of any potential problems that need to be fixed.

Clean or Replace the System’s Filter

As you’re likely aware, as your system’s air filter clears the air of debris and various particulates, it gets clogged up after a while. You should check your filter once per month to see if it’s filled up and either clean or replace it, depending on the type you use.

Upgrade Your Home’s Thermostat

Your thermostat is an essential component in keeping your HVAC system running the way it should throughout the season. Test the thermostat on a regular basis to ensure proper operation and, if you haven’t already upgraded to a smart thermostat, that’s an excellent idea, too.

Fix Any Damage to Your Ductwork

Damage to your ductwork, such as tears, holes, or joint issues can cause severe air leaks, which forces your system to work a lot harder than it needs to in order to condition your air. It’s a good idea to check the ductwork periodically and fix any issues right away to maintain proper airflow.

Remove Debris from the Outdoor Unit

Many HVAC systems are connected to an outdoor unit, but some homeowners seem to either forget this fact or simply neglect it. If you have an outdoor unit at your home, be sure that debris such as dirt, branches, birds’ nests, and anything else has been cleared away.

If you’d like to learn more about HVAC preventative maintenance or any other comfort-related issues, Powers Heating & Air can help. We’ve been serving the area of Peachtree City since 2001.

Standard HVAC Preventative Maintenance Tasks Everyone Should Know About

Standard HVAC Preventative Maintenance Tasks Everyone Should Know About If you own a home in Peachtree City, your HVAC system requires periodic maintenance to function properly. If you neglect your system, you could experience decreased comfort, higher energy bills and premature system failure.

Here are the most important HVAC preventative maintenance tasks you can accomplish yourself between formal visits from a professional.

  • Replace the air filter. This is one of the most basic and important HVAC preventative maintenance tasks you can perform. A clean filter helps your system run more smoothly and efficiently. Plan to replace yours every 30 to 90 days.
  • Check the thermostat. To verify correct operation, change your thermostat setting from heating to cooling, and make sure your system turns on and off at the preset temperatures.
  • Check for loose electrical connections. Flip the circuit breakers powering your HVAC system. Then, inspect your furnace and air conditioner for loose wires and connections, making sure to keep the circuit breakers off until you finish the inspection.
  • Inspect moving parts. Listen for squeaks that indicate a moving part needs to be lubricated.
  • Smell for gas leaks. As you inspect the heat exchanger and burners for cracks, pay attention to any odd smells. Also, keep an eye out for discoloration or rust.
  • Check the condensate drain for clogs. Both air conditioners and condensing furnaces drip condensate into a pan, which should drain away to the exterior. If the drain is clogged, the pan could overflow and cause water damage. Pour a bucket of water down the condensate drain to make sure it’s unobstructed.
  • Vacuum up excess dust. Using the brush attachment on your vacuum, remove excess dust from your furnace, air conditioner coils and supply and return registers.
  • Hire a professional to perform other HVAC preventative maintenance tasks. Without proper training and tools, you can’t complete a thorough system inspection by yourself. Plan to call in a knowledgeable technician every spring to tune up your A/C and every fall to inspect the furnace.

For more useful HVAC tips or to schedule service, please contact Powers Heating & Air in Peachtree City today.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Peachtree City, Georgia and surrounding areas about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).

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Maintain Your A/C Mid Season with These Easy Tips

Maintain Your A/C Mid Season with These Easy TipsThe best time to perform maintenance on your air conditioner system is during spring, just before the peak usage in the summer season. It is important to maintain your A/C to improve efficiency and to prevent breakdowns and costly repair bills. Regular preventative maintenance will improve the efficiency of your A/C, thereby saving you money, and will prolong the lifecycle of your unit.

What Should an HVAC Contractor Check?

  • All the electrical connections should be checked, tightened or replaced. The voltage and current on the motors should also be checked.
  • The lubrication of all moving parts is a crucial part of the preventative maintenance service.
  • The contractor should check the safe operation of the system and the system controls.
  • The air conditioner and evaporator coils have to be checked and cleaned for maximum efficiency.
  • The refrigerant level should be checked and adjusted if needed and all leaks should be repaired.
  • The blower components should be checked and cleaned to ensure proper airflow.

What Can You Check?

  • Dirty air filters can impede the airflow and cause damage to equipment. Air filters should be replaced monthly during peak usage.
  • Check and inspect the condensate drain for debris or blockage.
  • Check the thermostat settings and change the batteries on battery operated thermostats.

Preventive maintenance can save money by reducing costly repairs and improving the efficient operation of the air conditioner system, thereby saving money on energy bills. It is important to use a qualified HVAC contractor for any tasks that you are not comfortable performing. Please note that only qualified technicians are allowed to work with the refrigerant in your air conditioner.

For more expert advice about how to maintain your A/C and other issues related to home comfort, please contact us at Powers Heating & Air. We proudly serve the Peachtree City, GA area.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Peachtree City, Georgia and surrounding areas about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).

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Don’t Overburden Your A/C – Lighten the Load on Your HVAC System

Don't Overburden Your A/C - Lighten the Load on Your HVAC SystemSummer temperatures are already here, and if you’re a homeowner or business owner in Georgia, your HVAC system probably gets a lot of use all season long. Unless you fully optimize its efficiency, you’re wasting money, and you might be overworking your air conditioner without even realizing it.

Whether you’re still in the construction process or have lived in your home for years, you have plenty of options for increasing your efficiency and lowering your bills. Don’t forget to schedule preventative maintenance for your HVAC system; you shouldn’t wait until a leak or problem for professional assistance, which includes everything from filter replacement to internal lubrication.

However, you can take matters into your own hands too. Make sure you have an energy-efficient summer by maintaining a regular duct cleaning regimen and inspecting your windows and door frames for any gaps or cracks. The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) recommends a few more helpful ways to lighten the load on your HVAC system this year:

  • Increase insulation levels (choose insulation with R-levels worthy of Georgia summers)
  • Choose high-efficiency roofing and window materials
  • Add shade (e.g. exterior awnings or thick interior screens) to windows
  • Add exhaust fans to rooms that tend to be more hot or humid, such as your kitchen, bathroom and attic
  • Use appliances (e.g. your washer and dryer) before and after the highest temperatures of the day; this peak period is usually between 10 AM and 4 PM
  • Turn off appliances when you’re not using them

It’s also important to make sure your HVAC unit is in a shaded area. Direct sunlight can make your air conditioner’s job more difficult, consuming more energy than necessary, so it’s a good idea to plant a tree nearby or install an awning above it.

For more information about HVAC efficiency and maintenance, please contact us at Powers Heating & Air in Peachtree City, Georgia. We have decades of experience keeping homes and businesses comfortable throughout Georgia, and we’ve been serving Fayette and Coweta counties since 2001. We’re also happy to give free estimates for both installation and replacement.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Peachtree City, Georgia and surrounding areas about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).

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