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Know These HVAC Airflow Problems

Know These HVAC Airflow ProblemsAirflow problems with your HVAC system can leave you dealing with discomforting issues like hot or cold spots, uneven temperatures in different rooms, and/or a drop in conditioned air output from the registers. What starts out as a gradual loss of comfort can escalate into a costly equipment breakdown or failure, so it’s vital to have the problem addressed. Here’s a look at some of the most common causes or airflow issues and what to do about them:

Obstructed Registers and Duct Openings

If you’ve closed some registers, or your return ducts are covered by furniture, drapes, throw rugs, toys or other items, it can cause temperature inconsistencies in different areas of your home and a damaging imbalance in system airflow. You can fix this by wiping down each vent cover and vacuuming out the duct openings, and then checking that your louvered registers are completely open and all supply and return vents are free from obstructions.

Clogged Air Filter

If you’ve neglected to change your system’s air filter and it’s become clogged by dust and debris, you’ll notice a drop in airflow at the registers. Restricted airflow can also increase your HVAC equipment’s workload and energy consumption, or even ruin a component. Checking the filter monthly and replacing it whenever it looks dirty is the best way to prevent such problems.

Ductwork Flaws

A ductwork system that’s poorly designed, damaged, or leaking can hinder proper airflow through your HVAC system. A trained HVAC technician should inspect your ductwork to determine the cause and the right remedy, which may involve repairing, sealing and insulating or replacing the ductwork.

Oversized Equipment

If your existing HVAC system wasn’t sized properly, it may be too large to effectively heat or cool your home. HVAC components with too much capacity will short cycle, resulting in a decline in airflow from the registers every time they cycle off. To solve this, a knowledgeable HVAC professional will need to complete a detailed load calculation and install correctly-sized new equipment.


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5 Common HVAC Problems in the Spring

5 Common HVAC Problems in the SpringHVAC problems often occur when you first begin to use your A/C in the spring. Hopefully, the problem is a minor reminder that your HVAC system needs some attention before the summer months. Following are five common spring HVAC problems you may run into and the right way to address the issues.

Overdue Filter Change

Something as simple as forgetting to change your air filter can cause big problems for your HVAC system. When the filter becomes clogged with dirt, your A/C can overheat and shut on and off. Check the filter and make sure you change it regularly during the summer.

Dirty Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil should be cleaned every spring to remove dirt and to check for mold and mildew development. The evaporator is located in the air handler by the blower. Turn off power at the thermostat and power disconnect switch outside. You can clean the coil and fins with a cloth and brush, but it’s better to use a self-rinsing coil cleaner.

Water Leaks

All that dirt and debris that drips from the evaporator can clog up the condensate drain and cause water to overflow the condensate pan. Pour a pint of half water and half bleach into the pan. If that doesn’t clear the clog, call your HVAC technician.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit of your HVAC system should be cleaned each spring. Grass clippings, leaves, and many other obstructions can block free airflow to the condenser coil. Turn off the power, and then spray off the unit with your garden hose.

Noisy Ducts

The ductwork system is a sprawling network of tubes that convey cooled and heated airflow to your home. Taking care of the ducts is equally important to taking care of your A/C for optimal comfort and energy efficiency.


So, if you hear warning signs that your ducts need maintenance, such as rattling and clamoring noise, inspect all the joints for any loose connections or disjointed ducts. Wrap loose ducts with heat-resistant metal tape.


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