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Getting Rid of HVAC Noise

Getting Rid of HVAC Noise

You don’t expect complete silence when your HVAC equipment is running to combat the heat of summer. Low-level sounds of a motor or air movement through the ducts is normal, but excessive HVAC noise is a disruptive nuisance. Fortunately, there are options available to lessen loud noises like the following:

Banging and Popping Sounds

Bangs and pops in the ducts occur because metal naturally expands and contracts due to normal temperature/pressure changes between cycles. If the noise is excessive, your technician can look for other possible causes and take measures like these to quiet things down:

  • Fix damaged/sagging ductwork sections
  • Seal and then wrap accessible ducts in sound-minimizing insulation
  • Add duct silencers
  • Install insulated spacers if duct sections are contacting framing members

Loud Whooshing Noises

If you hear loud whooshing coming from the air vents with every cycle of the blower fan, it can indicate too high a static pressure within the HVAC system. High static pressure should be addressed promptly because it can also restrict airflow and damage your equipment, or shorten its useful lifespan. Your technician can perform various tests to identify the cause, then advise you on the steps needed to correct the problem, such as:

  • Adjusting the blower fan speed
  • Replacing undersized ducting
  • Boosting the amount of return airflow
  • Installing high velocity supply and return registers
  • Reconfiguring and replacing some or all of your duct system

Sounds From Bad Vibrations

Vibrations from a blower fan can rattle the air handler unit, then travel through your ductwork and cause noise at the air vents in each room of your home. After verifying that the fan is working properly, your HVAC pro can suggest different options to lessen these nuisance noises, such as installing an anti-vibration pad or mounts, or adding a sound-deadening blanket.

These measures can also work to lessen the amount of noise coming from a loud outdoor unit, so you can enjoy your backyard, deck or patio in peace and relative quiet.

If you’re dealing with excessive HVAC noise in your Peachtree City home and need effective solutions, contact us today at Powers Heating & Air.

How to Quiet the Noisy Air Vents in Your Home

How to Quiet the Noisy Air Vents in Your HomeIt’s completely normal for your central air system to make noise. The outdoor unit is going to hum and whir from the powerful fan and compressor. You may even hear swooshing sounds from refrigerant circulating through the indoor air handler. Though, if noisy air vents have reached levels that disturb your normal activities, use these tips to get to the root of the problem.

Noisy Supply Air Vents

  • Whooshing — Airflow exiting the supply vents can make quite loud whooshing noises if the supply air ducts are too narrow, the ducts are caked with debris and/or one or more vents are closed. Make sure all air vents are open. Use a flashlight to look inside the vents to check for excessive dirt. If the noise persists, contact your HVAC provider for a duct inspection.
  • Flapping — If duct joints separate or loosen, the adjoined metal duct sections will rattle, flap and clamor. Wrap loose or disjointed duct sections with metal tape.
  • Popping — If your ducts are installed outside your home’s insulation barrier, the ducts are susceptible to extreme differences in temperature inside and out. This causes duct metal walls to expand and contract, which causes loud popping sounds. Installing rigid foam duct insulation is the best remedy in this case — and you’ll save energy!

Noisy Return Air Vents

  • Knocking — Loud and rapid knocking or thumping noises indicate a very clogged filter that is obstructing return air duct. Another sign associated with this problem is rapid on-and-off cycling. Be sure to check your air filter each month during peak HVAC usage.
  • Whistling — A dirty or clogged filter may also cause a high-pitched whistling sound. Check your air filter!
  • Booming — The most extreme temperature variances in the air ducts tend to be at the plenum and duct trunk connection. This can cause a loud boom noises from the expansion and contraction. Your HVAC provider should check the integrity of the expansion collar joint.

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