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June 21, 2012

Duct Cleaning: Before — Eww! After — Phew!

Homeowners tend to neglect their home’s ductwork, particularly when their HVAC system is running smoothly. Over time, however, dust and dirt can build up in an A/C unit, and if it’s left for long, significant issues can develop with the ducts. A licensed HVAC technician can make a simple visual inspection to determine whether or not your home could benefit from duct cleaning. Large deposits of dust and contaminates may contribute to allergens within the household, and though not a proven […]
March 23, 2017

How to Know if You Should Get a Plumbing Upgrade

Because most houses last longer than the plumbing system installed at original construction, at some point you may need a plumbing upgrade. Just like other household systems—electrical and HVAC, for example—plumbing becomes outdated over the years, wear and tear takes its toll and eventually the system can’t handle current water demands.   Signs that you need a plumbing upgrade my be subtle or severe. Here some things to watch for and some you can’t miss:   Low water pressure. Low […]