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February 23, 2012

Tagged Furnace: Smart Decision-Making’s Essential When You’re Seeing Red

Once you get over the shock that your furnace is in need of major repairs or may have to be replaced, it is critical that you take the proper steps to protect your family. When a furnace is “red tagged,” it could release dangerous carbon monoxide fumes if the furnace is turned back on without needed repairs. The most common cause for a tagged furnace is a cracked heat exchanger. It is the piece of equipment inside the furnace that transfers the […]
April 19, 2018

Hide Your Outdoor HVAC Unit Without Affecting Efficiency

The outdoor portion of your HVAC system isn’t very attractive, but it houses essential cooling components that need ample airflow to work efficiently. There are a variety of ways you can hide an outdoor HVAC unit from view, so long as you allow two feet of clearance around it so that: Air flows easily through the condenser coil. Ample airflow not only helps keep your HVAC system operating at maximum energy efficiency, but it also prevents unnecessary wear that leads […]
September 4, 2018

Leaves and Your HVAC Unit

As the fall season arrives, you can expect to have leaves falling around your outdoor HVAC unit. While you might be tempted to wait until they’ve all fallen before raking them up, keep in mind that they can end up causing trouble for your HVAC system. Keep these outdoor HVAC unit protection tips in mind, so you can ensure optimal efficiency and a lower risk of repairs for your HVAC unit.   Remove Leaves Around the Unit As leaves fall […]
September 11, 2018

How to Maintain Your HVAC for the Fall

Before it’s time to switch the thermostat from cool to heat, don’t neglect fall HVAC maintenance. The same things that you do to keep the A/C running efficiently will keep it running smoothly all winter long. Besides saving money on heating costs throughout the winter, you’ll know that your system is running safely.   Do-It-Yourself Maintenance   Change the air filter if it’s clogged from heavy summertime use. A dirty air filter during any season will harm your system’s components […]