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Should You Buy an HVAC System Online?

Should You Buy an HVAC System Online?These days, it seems you can buy just about anything via the internet. Even buying an HVAC system online is now a reality. Online HVAC sales are slowly but surely growing. But should you hop on the bandwagon?

Cost Savings

You can save substantially by choosing to buy a furnace, air conditioner, boiler, or any other similar product from an online retailer. Or, at least, it seems cheaper because you purchase the equipment only, not the labor of installing it properly as well.

Equipment Delivery

Most online HVAC retailers offer free equipment delivery. While that’s great news, you should know that your equipment is likely to be left outside your house. It will be up to you to move it into your basement, garage, or wherever you want it installed.

Some companies charge for delivery. You’ll pay a higher fee to have the equipment delivered to your preferred room and unpacked than having it dropped at your front door.

Quality Concerns

Online transactions take contractors out of the HVAC system design process. Therefore, you can easily choose a system that’s not right for your home. An air conditioner or furnace that’s too large for your home will operate inefficiently as it will cycle on and off frequently. As a result, running costs will increase unnecessarily. A small system won’t heat or cool your home adequately.

What About Warranty?

Many HVAC equipment manufacturers expressly disclaim warranties for systems bought online. That implies should your system break, you’ll be forced to pay an arm and a leg to have it replaced.

Work with a Contractor

It’s best to find a trustworthy contractor to work with before purchasing HVAC equipment. At the moment, contractors aren’t involved in the online equipment buying process.

By working with a contractor, you’ll receive correct guidance on how to get a rightly sized and configured system as well as warranty coverage. This isn’t possible when buying an HVAC system online on your own. For assistance with buying an HVAC system in the Peachtree City area, contact the experts at Powers Heating & Air.

5 HVAC Considerations When Purchasing a Home

5 HVAC Considerations When Purchasing a HomeWhen you are buying a house, you certainly want to avoid hidden costs associated with unforeseen home repairs. Since the HVAC systems are generally out of sight and out of mind, you want to make a special effort to ensure you know what you are getting. Consider the following HVAC tips to make the best and most informed decisions when shopping for a house.

Age of Systems

Know the age of the HVAC systems of the homes you are considering buying. Central air and heat pumps last 10 to 12 years respectively. Furnaces should last 15 years or more. If the HVAC systems are going to need replacing in a few years, you can use this information during home purchase price negotiations.

Efficiency Ratings

If you are purchasing a home with newer HVAC systems, you should generally expect lower energy bills than homes with older models. Compare the SEER (cooling efficiency), HSPF (heating efficiency for heat pumps), and AFUE (furnace heating efficiency) ratings to see which HVAC systems are going to save money or cost you.

Duct Design

Air ducts should be professionally inspected for leaks, design flaws (e.g. insulation, pathways, and size), and cleanliness. A new heat pump, central air, or furnace won’t work efficiently if the air ducts need repair or sizing corrections.

Add-on Equipment

The following HVAC add-on equipment can substantially boost comfort and efficiency in your new home.

  • Zoning system: Zoning systems allow you to cool or heat only the rooms you need at any given time of day or night.
  • Humidity control: Whole-home humidifiers and dehumidifiers increase comfort, promote better indoor air quality, and can reduce cooling and heating costs.
  • Air cleaner: Whole-home air cleaners substantially reduce allergens and harmful contaminants from your home’s indoor air.


Like your automobile, your HVAC system needs regular checkups to operate at peak efficiency and to prevent breakdowns. Ask to see the maintenance records of the HVAC systems in homes you are considering for purchase.

If you have questions about HVAC systems when buying a house in the Peachtree City area, contact Powers Heating & Air.


Our goal is to help educate our customers in Peachtree City, Georgia and surrounding areas about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). For more information about other HVAC topics, download our free Home Comfort Guide or call us at 770-487-2040.

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When it’s Time to Replace, Should You Buy the System or Just the Unit?

When it's Time to Replace, Should You Buy the System or Just the Unit?Buying an HVAC system is not only a complicated process, it’s also an expensive purchase. It’s tempting to replace either the air handler or the outdoor condenser to save money. While it’s less expensive, it’s usually not a good idea because you may be compromising your comfort, the warranty and the ultimate lifetime cost of the system.

Most central HVAC systems are split into two major components that include the indoor air handler and the outdoor condenser. Although they’re separate, they’re designed as one system. If the parts inside either aren’t compatible with the other, the entire system can’t perform well. It’s similar to replacing parts in your vehicle with parts designed for a different car. Even if it runs, it may not run dependably. One or more parts within the system may experience premature failure, as well, adding to the ultimate cost of your HVAC system.

The crucial components that have to match when replacing an HVAC system are the indoor evaporator coil and the outdoor condenser coil in terms of their refrigerant, capacity, pressure and refrigerant type. When you’re selecting a system, ask the contractor to verify that the two components are compatible by checking the AHRI (Air Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Institute) registration for both parts.

Problems with Mismatched Components

When you’re buying an HVAC system and the air handler and condenser aren’t compatible, you won’t achieve the same energy efficiency, humidity removal, or air delivery, especially if the existing ductwork is too large or small for the newer component. The manufacturer may not extend the warranty to the new equipment.

Most rebate programs, whether public or private, require the AHRI certificate of compatibility, as well. Tax credits and rebate programs help offset the cost of a new, energy HVAC system. Local utilities and jurisdictions periodically use them to promote energy efficiency at the local level.

The best approach when buying an HVAC system is to replace both the air handler and the condenser as a matched system for maximum durability and efficiency. To learn more, contact Powers Heating & Air, providing trusted HVAC services for Peachtree City homeowners.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Peachtree City, Georgia and surrounding areas about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). For more information about buying an HVAC system and other HVAC topics, download our free Home Comfort Guide or call us at 770-487-2040.

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