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January 8, 2015

Properly Maintain Your Attic Fan for Long-Term Use

Even if your attic isn’t habitable, it can make a big impact on home comfort. That’s because this area is the interface between indoor and outdoor temperatures. During the winter, warm air can rise into your attic space and seep out. In contrast, during the summer, the sun heats your roof and radiates warmth down into your living areas. An attic fan can help manage attic temperatures, which means that knowing how to maintain your attic fan is essential for maintaining home comfort. When it’s hot outside, […]
January 6, 2015

What Exactly is a MERV Rating and How Does it Affect My Home?

If you’re not inspecting your air filter every month and replacing it when it’s clogged, your home’s indoor air may be taking a toll on your health. HVAC air filters not only protect your system, but they also remove harmful particles from the air. Choosing a quality air filter is essential for good indoor air quality and your overall health. What is MERV? MERV stands for minimum efficiency reporting value and is an industry standard that indicates the percentage of particles the filter will trap. Although the MERV scale ranges […]
January 1, 2015

5 Air Duct Cleaning Tips for Your Peachtree City Home

Your air ducts are responsible for distributing conditioned and heated air into your home for year-round comfort. Over time, they collect dirt and debris, and excess moisture can even lead to mold growth. To promote cleaner indoor air and better respiratory health, follow these five air duct cleaning tips for your Peachtree City home. Conduct a Mold Assessment If mold is growing in your ductwork, you might suffer noticeable health problems as spores circulate through your home’s indoor air. Make sure to check […]
December 30, 2014

Standard HVAC Preventative Maintenance Tasks Everyone Should Know About

If you own a home in Peachtree City, your HVAC system requires periodic maintenance to function properly. If you neglect your system, you could experience decreased comfort, higher energy bills and premature system failure. Here are the most important HVAC preventative maintenance tasks you can accomplish yourself between formal visits from a professional. Replace the air filter. This is one of the most basic and important HVAC preventative maintenance tasks you can perform. A clean filter helps your system run more smoothly and […]