December 29, 2011

Carbon Monoxide Detectors: It’s Important To Have Them, But It’s Also Important To Have Them In The Right Places

It’s important to install carbon-monoxide (CO) detectors to protect yourself from CO dangers, but once you have them, if you don’t install them in the right places, they can’t protect you from accidental poisoning as well as they should. CO detectors are essential for your protection, because carbon monoxide has no color, smell or taste. So having detectors in your home is the only way to know if you have a problem. And CO acts swiftly, leading to debilitating illness […]
December 27, 2011

Why A Variable-Speed Blower Motor Can Help Your System Run Longer And Better

A variable-speed blower motor can help Georgia homeowners save energy through the use of both their heating and cooling systems, because both systems use the blower motor to move conditioned air into your home. Variable-speed models also tend to last longer, so you get maximum efficiency over a longer life span, along with several other benefits. A variable-speed blower motor can operate at any of several speeds, whereas conventional systems operate at two speeds: on or off. And when they’re […]
December 22, 2011

The Ductless System: Mini In Name Only

If you are looking for a complement to your current heating system, you should strongly consider a ductless system. They provide you with an energy-efficient solution whether you are looking to get more conditioned air into newly added rooms or are simply looking to bolster a “non-ducted” heating system. They offer a number of benefits other heating alternatives can’t, while avoiding the shortcomings of typical forced-air systems. A ductless system has three main parts: a compressor, air handlers and a […]
December 20, 2011

How A Dual-Fuel System Maximizes Your Energy Savings Without Sacrificing Your Home Comfort

Winter is on the horizon, a season that usually brings high energy bills. But many Georgia residents can keep their energy costs low by investing in a dual-fuel system for heating and cooling their homes. A dual-fuel system uses two different kinds of HVAC equipment: a heat pump and a traditional furnace. A heat pump can deliver 300 percent more energy than it takes to heat your home, compared to a gas furnace, which typically has an efficiency rating of 90 […]